Sorting Through the Reimbusement Maze

Written by on October 27, 2011. Posted in Web Links — Which Nutrition Services Are Covered?

ADA Website MNT Reimbursement PDF. …. nutrition therapy (MNT) benefit to help lower the nation’s health care costs. Providing reimbursement for MNT to … In January 2011, the CMS added group MNT to reimbursement– eligible services. …

Physician Resources

Everyday an increasing number of physicians refer their patients with diabetes to diabetes educators.

Why should you do the same?

By referring your patients to a diabetes educator, you will see a number of positive results including improved blood sugar levels, reduced risk of developing complications, weight loss, overall positive behavior change through lifestyle modification, and more. Not to mention the time you will save when you can have a diabetes education expert walk your patients through the basics of diabetes self-management from the start.


Part B Medicare Benefits for Medical Nutrition Therapy


This Reimbursement Group helps to clear up a lot of confusion about reimbursement by Medicare.