Faxing can be a tedious and expensive task. Having a dedicated phone line and fax machine sitting on the desk takes up space and valuable resources. This is especially cumbersome for offices with several work stations. The fax machine requires ink, paper and periodic service and replacement.

Using online fax services is much easier and more efficient. A virtual phone number receives faxes from any fax machine and the fax is sent to one or more email accounts as an attachment. The fax can be printed on a regular printer in whole or in part and can be saved as a file on the computer or memory device. No need for file drawers for storing hardcopy faxes or shredders to destroy sensitive information.

Faxing out is also easy. Create a document from any number of formats (Word, PDF, etc) and send via email as an attachment or through software downloaded on the computer. You can also keep a record of the faxes sent.

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